Ben’s Place Only Betting System, Turning £1,000 into £2,258.50 in 4 days

Hi Everyone, I thought I would migrate the selections, and results from my place only testing on a new system I started testing. For all those who would have read the original thread, you will know that I was originally (and still am) testing a place system for a family friend of mine.

It was during the testing of Tom’s (The family friend) system that I had an idea, and started testing my own system based on a method I used to use a few years back.

I placed all the selections live BEFORE the races began, so that readers could see that the selections were available before racing commenced for the day, and then I updated the results after each race, to show the profit or loss.

What is Ben’s Place Only System?

I have always been interested in gambling, and I have also tested very many systems over the years. In fact I have oodles of file that I have printed off from previous testing which is still sat in my office gathering dust.

Many systems have good basic ideas, and methodology behind the ideas, but I think before Betfair came along there wasn’t really a possibility of long term profits without getting your bookmaker accounts banned.

As we know Betfair does not care whether you win, or lose, as it is an exchange where you are betting, or trading against other Betfair customers, with Betfair taking a commission no matter who comes out the winner.

Ben's Place Only Betting System

It was whilst testing Tom’s place selections, which can be found here, that I thought I would test something of my own.

The Benefits of Place Betting

Now place betting is unique I believe, in the fact that unlike each way betting, you are getting odds that are the same whether your horse comes first, second, or third. With each way betting the odds for second, third, and forth are usually a quarter of the odds that you would get with place betting, and this is a major advantage I believe.

Yes, the odds are reduced with place betting, compared with a direct win. The odds on a horse may be 4.2 for a win, and be 2.2 for a place, but the difference between you are spreading your risk of that 2.2 odds between three (3) places, which means that no matter which position the horse comes in, you still get the same odds, and this affords quite a few options when creating some kind of system.

Now you might think that wit the odds of place betting being reduced that most of the selections would be odds on. That is not true. In fact, over the 33 initial races I traded, the combined odds were 75.53, divided by the 33 races means the average odds on the selections were 2.28, which means that for every £100 bet, you would be making a profit in the region of £128, which is far from odds on.

Also, if you were betting on odds on favourites (which my system does not, as I do not pick favourites as a filter), then you would quickly have your betting bank wiped out with even the smallest of losing runs, but with place betting, as long as you can get decent odds, a losing run can be maintained.

So here are the advantages of place betting:

  • Decent odds – The odds are surprisingly generous considering you essentially are being given 2/3/4 chances of winning, depending on how many horses are in the race, and you can use filters on this if you like, to avoid smaller fields, or longer fields.
  • Flexibility in finishing places – You will make the same amount of profit no matter where the horse finishes, 1st, 2nd or 3rd, which takes a lot of pressure off you, which I feel is very important when gambling/trading.
  • Fixed odds amongst all positions – You know the odds before palcing the bets, and you will also know the profit return no matter what position the horse finishes, again, this is important for when creating a system around results.
  • No real calculations required compared to each way betting – Compated to each way betting, where if creating a system you would have to calculate 1/4 of the odds if say the horse finished in second/third, etc. with place betting it is simple, because win or place, the price and profit potential is exactly the same.
  • Excellent for systems – Due to the odds being the same no matter where you finish, place betting makes system creating simple in my opinion, because you know exactly where you are at any time, and once you have placed the bets, and they are matched on the exchanges, then you are done.

Ben’s Place Only System – The Results:

OK, so I started placing the selections onto the other thread (The other testing thread where I was testing Tom’s selections), on Wednesday the 15th June 2016.

The test was starting with a £1,000 betting bank.

I place the horses, the race course, the time the race started, the odds I got matched at, as well as the finishing positions. Then, after the race, I placed the results, and profits made (or losses).

If you check the posts below, you will see the daily posts I made, and the results.

So as you can see, over a period of 4 days I made a profit of £1258.50, which is a 125.8% profit on the original £1,000 starting bank.

Now you could say, yeah, anybody could do that over such a small time frame. But really, there were 33 races! Most tipsters will give you one tip a day over 30 days, equalling 30 tips, and would they have made you such a profit? I think not. I have tried tipsters in the past and they are usually utter garbage!

I suppose the main reason I have started this thread about it, was to highlight the possibilities with systems, and that they can be profitable.

I will also be updating the stats to show the potential profit with various staking plans, level stakes and progressive to realise the true potential.

As mentioned, I have already been getting a lot of emails about this, from people wanting to know the selection process, but before I even think about taking it any further, I will be spending more time seeing what can be ‘tightened’ up, because systems come and go all the time, and in my mind, the main two factors that make any system work long term, is the prices you can get (the odds) and the potential losing runs, and how they can be managed.

If after doing my stats it turns out that level staking is viable (and I know it is with the results in the comments), then I may look to take it further, but as with anything far more testing is required.

It has been enjoyable though, and I know a lot of readers have enjoyed watching over the first 4 days, my inbox has been inundated 😛

UPDATE on Staking Plans and Profits:

I have just finished doing the calculations on staking plans based on the results:

Increase the previous lossed stake by 50% increments = £1258.50 Profit = 125.8% increase on bank

This means after you lose a race, you add 50% to the next stake, so if £100 was lost on the first race, the next stake would be £150, or if you lost £10, then the next stake would be £15, etc. etc.

Level stakes = win or lose, no increase       = £703.00 Profit 70% increase on bank

This means that no matter if you win, or lose, the next stake is the same. For example, if trading with £100, or £10 level stakes, then win, or lose, the next stake would be the same, £100, or £10. This is level staking.

There are alternatives of course, using a compounding staking plan. So if you started with say a £1,000 betting bank, you could be conservative and use 5%, or 10% of your bank as your stake, and as you are winning, the 5%, or 10% would stay the same but the amounts trading with would be higher, and with a good win ratio, this would work very well. I might do the calculations for it later.

Alternative Staking Plans:

Using 10% of a betting bank and compounding = £673.73 Profit67.75% increase on bank

Looking at all the stats, I think the preferred staking plans I would personally use are the following:

Using 5% of a bank, and adding 50% increments after a loss = £629.25 Profit62.9% increase on bank

£1,000 betting bank, and using 5% solid stakes +50% after a loss, not a percentage of the bank, so simply:

£50, and if a loss a occurs, then the next stake is £75, then £100, etc. But the starting point being only 5% of a bank.

By using a 5% of a betting bank and increasing by 50% increments, so starting with £50, then after a loss £75, then £100, then £125, etc. would allow a losing run of 7, which when considering you have the first 3 places (sometimes 2) simply would never happen in my opinion.

Using 2.5% (£25 of a £1K bank) of a bank, and adding 50% increments after a loss = £435.50 Profit43.5% increase on bank

The bottom line is though, and which is considered (by some, not me) the Holy Grail of gambling = It works to level stakes.

As with ALL gambling, and trading methods, either place betting or otherwise, it is the increase on bank that matters, so that no matter what starting bank somebody can afford, they can easily calculate the increase of any bank in terms of potential profit.

So if you only had £100 to spare, then to level stakes, that would mean a profit of £70.30 after the 4 days.

Compounding Using Place Only Markets

Personally, and having just spent the last hour running various possibilities through the calculator, I would think that compounding would be highly efficient after the day’s trading has been completed.

So after my first day, when I made £132, I would have added that to my initial £1,000 starting bank, meaning I would then have had a £1232 bank on day two.

Then after day 2, when I made another £90 for the day, I would start day 3 with £1322,00, and on day three when I made another £442.50. I would start day 4 with a bank of £1764.50, and after day 4, when I made another £593.50 I would be starting day 5 with a £2258.50 betting bank.

Then if I had compounded after each day, and worked out the percentages, and could then start the initial trades at £200, instead of the first day’s £100, etc. etc.

All interesting, eh, and the intention of this post is not to sell anything, just for entertainment purposes only 🙂

Always remember though, that gambling and trading is always longer term, and the profits, or return on any investment should be taken over a much longer timescale. I have learned that through a lot of experience, time and dedication when trying to devise systems that have some merit.

It should be seen as an investment, and some months may not return a profit, but if a system can be devised that makes a low risk profit over a year, and the profits are reasonable for the time invested, then that, to me is a system that is worth while.

Gamblers have been trying to find such a system since bookmaking began…


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  • place betting system


  • Ben says:

    Ben's Only Place Only System Testing


    I just want to do a side experiment here, and this has nothing to do with Tom’s selections/system.

    I did some trading on an idea today and won 3 out of 5 races, so I just want to test something.


    Staking Plan 1 : £100 on each horse. (In brackets is placements needed, placed 1/2/3 needed, etc.)

    Staking plan 2: Add 50% of initial stake after each loss (example: if £100 loses, next bet is £150, then £200, then £250, etc.)

    These are real horses and stakes I will be trading today on the following, using staking plan 2:

    Just out of interest, and for continuation of my method, I will place my results below:

    Wednesday 15th June 2016

    * Template Utoxeter 14:55 matched at 2.76 unplaced – Lost £100

    * Lady Aurelia Ascot 15:05 matched at 1.85 placed 1st – Won £127.50

    * Chaplin Bay Hamilton 15:20 matched at 1.61 unplaced – Lost £100

    * Benzel Utoxeter 15:30 matched at 1.54 placed 1st – Won £81.00

    * Tourtiere Ripon 21:00 matched at 2.24 placed 3rd – Won £124.00

    *** PROFIT FOR THE DAY: £132.50 ***

    *** Longest losing run so far = 1 races ***

  • Ben says:


    Continued from yesterday.

    Thursday 16th June 2016

    * Pertius Ripon 16:35 matched at 3.9 (3) Placed 1st = Won £290

    * Pharah Jake Lingfield 18:50 matched at 1.84 (3) unplaced = Lost £100

    * Cockatoo Island Leopardstown 18:55 matched at 1.81 (2) Horse was a non runner

    * Pincansort Lingfield 19:20 matched at 2.0 (2) Result 2nd = Won £150

    * Misty Mai Fflos 19:40 matched at 1.97 (3) unplaced = Lost £100

    * Dont Bother me Leopardstown 19:55 matched at 4.2 (2) unplaced = Lost £150

    *** PROFIT FOR THE DAY: £90 ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT FOR 2 DAYS: £222.50 ***

    *** Longest losing run so far = 2 races ***

  • Ben says:


    Carried on from yesterday’s testing, +50% from previous loss.

    Friday 17th June 2016

    * Nikki’s Supper Market Rasen 14:10 matched at 2.2 Result placed 2nd = Won £240

    * Over the Edge Market Rasen 14:45 matched at 1.65 placed 2nd = Won £65

    * Carntop Ascot 15:05 matched at 1.72 (4) Unplaced = Lost £100

    * Golden Doyen Market Rasen 15:20 matched at 1.23 (3) placed 2nd = Won £34.50

    * Donyan Triumphant Ascot 15:40 matched at 2.2 (3) Unplaced = Lost £100

    * Indian Steam Market Rasen 15:55 matched at 1.99 (2) placed 1st = Won £135

    * Dune Dancer Recar 16:05 matched at 1.48 (2) placed 2nd = Won £48

    * Poolstock Redcar 17:55 matched at 2.54 (3) Unplaced = Lost £100

    * Feed the Goater Newmarket 19:30 matched at 2.6 (3) placed 2nd = Won £240

    * Lexington Law Newmarket 20:35 matched at 1.8 (3) placed 3rd = Won £80

    * Geno Newmarket 21:05 matched at 2.7 (2) Unplaced = Lost £100

    *** PROFIT FOR THE DAY: £442.50 ***


    *** Longest losing run so far on 22 selections = 2 races ***

  • Paul Catts says:

    Hi ya Ben You own little system seems to be doing great!! I make that over £500 you have won in 2 days.

    How are ya selecting them, mate?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yep, 66.5% increase on the bank in 3 days actually, but still more tweaking needed, and still early days. I have enough experience to know that any potential system needs longer testing. At least everybody could see that all the selections were placed before the races, so the results are there to see.

      Saturday (tomorrow) is usually a tricky day for horse racing, so I am not sure I will be putting selections up, as I may just put them up Monday to Friday, I will decide in the morning.


      • mick says:

        Like this alot ben, but doin me own picks, and not as succsessful as you
        you say the selection process is fairly simple, is there any chance of shareing it with me ?? getting it right sometimes, but going up and down, need to have more confidence in my picks, ..ive been doing a combination of the top picks in the betting on the sporting life, timeform, A.T.R ..didnt do ******* today !!!!!

        • Ben says:

          Hi Mick,

          That’s the thing with any system, they are always ups and downs, with the aim being to find something that can work long term, people have been trying for donkeys years to do it.

          I wouldn’t want to put any rules here, because it is not as easy as it may have seemed in my results. I have a lot of experience with gambling and I am fairly competent at reading form.

          I can only recommend that you try all the things you can. I am now getting offered systems every day since I made this thread and the testing, so we’ll see what comes of them, if anything. There are some weird and wonderful systems arriving in my in box, that’s for sure.

          The thing is, if there was a ‘one system works for all’ type of thing, everybody would be doing it, and I have never seen one yet, well, apart from Tony Langley’s football hedging, which definitely works, but I have been trying to find something that works on the horses for years, and although I can make money doing it, and I do, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s losses.

          That’s why I don’t sell anything gambling wise, not that easy 🙂


  • Ben says:


    Carried on from yesterday’s testing, +50% from previous loss.

    Saturday 18th June 2016

    * Pleaseletmewin Newmarket 13:40 matched at 2.28 (3) placed 3rd = Won £192.00

    * Atalan Newmarket 14:10 matched at 1.94 (3) unplaced = Lost £100

    * Cunco Ascot 14:30 matched at 1.73 (3) placed 3rd = Won £109.50

    * Golden Stunner Newmarket 14:45 matched at 1.74 (3) = placed 1st = Won £74.00

    * Sound Advice Ayr 14:55 matched at 5.5 (3) Placed 4th = Lost £100 (So close to £450 won!)

    * Pacify Ascot 15:05 matched at 2.46 (4) unplaced = Lost £150

    * Cotton Lad Ayr 15:30 matched at 3.25 (2) unplaced = Lost £200 (Quickly checking this was a wrong selection, and the right selection finished second, so I would have won, I checked it before the race finished as it didn’t look right, but will keep it in, as I did bet on it).

    * Dartmouth Ascot 15:40 matched at 2.92 (3) placed 1st = Won £480.00

    * Laugh Alound Newmarket 16:00 matched at 2.2 (3) placed 2nd = Won £120.00

    * Lexington Place Ayr 16:50 matched at 2.02 (3) placed 1st = Won £102.00

    * Gun Metal Newmarket 17:55 matched at 1.66 (3) placed 1st = Won £66.00

    *** PROFIT FOR THE DAY: £593.50 ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT FOR 4 DAYS: £1258.50 ***

    *** Longest losing run so far on 33 selections = 3 races ***

  • R Jones says:

    Don’t keep us in suspense, Ben.

    You carn’t post results like that and not spill the beens on your selection process :-))

  • Allan says:

    Hi Ben, Wow that is impressive mate. Al

    • Ben says:

      Hi Allan,

      Thank you. I do have a fair bit of experience gambling, and trading, and when I was trying to guess what Tom’s selection process was, I had an idea from a procedure I used a few years back.

      The strike rate has surprised me, but the best thing is that the average odds over all the 33 races is 2.28, which is very good odds considering you have the first two/three positions to play with.

      I have already received a fair few emails about it from people wanting me to give them the system of how I choose the horses.

      The advantage also, is that although I was using a staking plan, this would definitely work to level stakes. I’ll try and do all the calculations over the weekend, to see what would happen on both the staking plans that could be used.

      There are not many systems that have a longest losing run of just 3, out of 33 races where none of the horses were odds-on. I might put all the content onto a different thread, and see also if I can tighten up any areas to increase the selection process, and results even more, as there is definitely merit in this, and the beauty is, the selection process is fairly simple.


  • sb says:

    Hi Ben do you intend to still post your selections on the thread? Thanks mate

    • Ben says:


      No, the intention was just to give an example on what is possible really, I am not trying to sell anything.


  • iFred says:

    Ben I’d definitely be interested in some kind of tipping service if you wanted to offer it, you can get my email from the post. Great results BTW!

    i have been trying to make something work for years and never found it, so defo interested it.

    Let me know

    • Ben says:

      Hi Fred,

      Thanks, but at this point I do not intend to offer such a service, it was just as an example 🙂

      The selections on Tom’s place system on the other thread mentioned on this post maybe a possibility, it is going well, but some more testing is needed.


      • Paul says:

        Hi Ben

        As you know, betting is a marathon and not a sprint that’s why 90% of people give up after a losing run, concluding sometimes wrongly that a system does not work.

        After only 4 days your system is in profit. If you intend to follow your system for say at least a year and you are still in profit, then that would indeed be impressive.

        I hope you carry on with your selections.

        Ben, MMR is one of my favourite websites for anyone looking for additional income streams.

        Keep up the good work.

        • Ben says:

          Hi Paul,

          I agree entirely, longevity is the key, and you are right, far too many people do not understand the dynamics of really testing a system, and expect too much far too soon.

          Yes, my little testing produced some good results, but for longevity more filters would probably need applying, which is why I will be testing Tom’s system and selections for a good while, albeit they have already produced some good results.

          Experience tells me not to get too postitive about it just yet. I will give it a month at least 🙂


    • Dave Hill says:

      I use a place system as part of my portfolio.I pick favs which are under 2.0 in the win market but over 1.4 in the place market.8-12 runners.Nice method and works for me.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Folks,

    Right, it seems like my success above has promted quite a few people to get in touch with me.

    I have had around 7 people contact me over the last few days claiming that they also have systems that they use to make profit.

    I have looked at a few details, and back tested a few bits, and one in particular has caught my eye.

    This came from a regular reader on this website who has been using a selection process for 11 months that he claims has never had a losing month, also place betting.

    I will be testing this on this page over the coming days to see what comes of it.

    I am told by Brian the reader who sent this in, that the losing runs will be longer than mine, but that the profits are consistent, and proven over nearly a year.

    Although, I have to say that having looked at some of the selections, I am not sure about this one, but will for now take Brian’s word for it…..

    So Brian, if you are reading, if this system of yours turns out to be a royal donkey, I will name and shame you (joke) 😉

    UPDATE: Having tested this for a few days now, I must admit that some of the selections just don’t seem to have any value at all, sorry Brian, but I just cannot see the sense in some of the selections, but I will give it a good run, as promised.


    Brian's Place only Racing System

    I am going to call this, “SYSTEM BRIAN”



    Friday 24th June 2016

    * Mujassam 15:55 Yarmouth matched at 3 (3) – 3rd – Won £20

    * Over And Above 16:10 Cartmel matched at 4.8 (3) – Lost £10

    * Ash Park 16:40 Cartmel matched at 2.28 (3) – 2nd – Won £12.80

    * Dew Pond 16:50 Doncaster matched at 1.53 (3) – 3rd – Won £5.30

    * Empress Ali 19:35 Chester matched at 3.1 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Bush Beauty 20:05 Chester matched at 3.55 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £8.01 Won ***

  • Ben says:


    Some crazy odds today, but let’s see, and Give Brian’s system a chance 😛




    Saturday 25th June 2016

    * Poet’s Society 13:55 Newcastle Odds 1.1 (Not worth backing, although it Won)

    * Arcanada 14:55 Chester matched at 1.64 (3) – 1st – Won £6.40

    * Marengo 15:30 Chester matched at 2.82 (3) – 4th – Lost £10

    * Grand Coalition 16:40 Curragh matched at 4.9 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Stellar Mass 17:20 Currugh matched at 10.0 (3) – 3rd – Won £90

    * Secret Look 17:30 Windsor matched at 2.26 (3) – 1st – Won £12.60

    * Kalann 18:00 Currugh matched at 9.8 (3) – None Runner

    * Welsh Inlet 18:10 Lingfield Park matched at 4.5 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Flying Power 18:20 Doncaster matched at 3.8 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Chez Vegas 19:55 Doncaster matched at 2.98 (2) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Johnny Cavagin 20:25 Doncaster matched at 5.3 (4) – 2nd – Won £43

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £102.00 Won ***

  • Ben says:





    Sunday 26th June 2016

    * What A Game 14:20 Cartmel matched at 1.49 (3) – 2nd – Won £4.90

    * Nikki Steel 14:30 Uttoxeter matched at 1.43 (2) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Have A Nice Day 15:15 Curragh matched at 2.98 (3) – 3rd – Won £19.80

    * Shuil Royale 15:30 Uttoxeter matched at 3.35 (4) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Rockspirit 15:40 Windsor matched at 1.79 (2) – 2nd – Won £7.90

    * Toledo Gold 15:55 Cartmel matched at 1.94 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Oliver’s Gold 16:35 Uttoxeter matched at 4.8 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Hound Music 17:20 Windsor matched at 5.4 (2) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Stronger Than Me 17:55 Curragh matched at 4.6 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £27.40 Lost ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT – NOW ON DAY 3 : £82.61 Won ***

  • Ben says:





    Monday 27th June 2016

    * Miss Phillyjinks 14:15 Wolves – Matched at 4.3 (3) – 4th – Lost £10

    * Recognition 15:55 Wolves – Matched at 1.98 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Top Offer 16:25 Wolves – Matched at 2.96 (2) – 4th – Lost £10

    * Get Up And Dance 16:40 Pontefract – matched at 1.33 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Ocean Legend 18:25 Windsor – matched at 3.25 (2) – 2nd – Won £22.50

    * Choral Festival 19:25 Windsor – Matched at 3.05 (3) – 3rd – Won £20.50

    * Merry Dancer 19:55 Windsor – matched at 2.16 (2) – 4th – Lost £10

    * Shifting Star 20:55 Windsor – matched at 1.82 (3) – 1st – Won 8.20

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £1.20 won ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT – NOW ON DAY 4 : £83.81 Won ***

  • Ben says:





    Tuesday 28th June 2016

    * Titus Secret 14:15 Brighton matched at 1.64 (3) – 2nd – Won £6.40

    * Essaka 14:45 Brighton matched at 1.55 (3) – 2nd – Won £5.55

    * Move In Time 15:30 Hamilton matched at 1.38 (2) – 2nd – Won £3.80

    * Roy Rocket 16:15 Brighton matched at 2.28 (2) – 1st – Won £12.80

    * Boutan 17:15 Brighton matched at 5.4 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Excellent Aim 17:45 Brighton matched at 3.55 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Dazzling Rita 20:20 Stratford matched at 2.28 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Innoko 21:10 Chepstow matched at 2.74 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £11.45 Lost ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT – NOW ON DAY 5 : £72.36 Won ***

  • Ben says:





    Wednesday 29th June 2016

    * John Monash Perth 14:10 matched at 1.92 (3) – 2nd – Won £9.20

    * Amilliontimes Perth 14:40 matched at 2.0 (3) – 1st – Won £10

    * Invermere Catterick 15:30 matched at 1.67 (3) – 2nd – Won £6.70

    * Lady Of Longstone Worcester 15:50 matched at 2.74 (3) – Upl – Lost £10

    * Indego Blues Catterick 16:00 matched at 2.76 (3) – 3rd – Won £17.60

    * Solway Legend Perth 16:40 matched at 2.14 (3)- Upl – Lost £10

    * Dubai Shen Perth 17:10 matched at 4.0 (3) – Upl – Lost £10

    * Canford Belle Kemton 21:10 matched at 2.46 (3) – Lost £10

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £3.50 Won ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT – NOW ON DAY 6 : £75.86 Won ***

  • Ben says:





    Thursday 30th June 2016

    * Johnny B Goode Yarmouth 15:20 matched at 2.6 (3) – 3rd – Won £16

    * Wot A Shot Perth 15:40 matched at 2.02 (3) – 2nd – Won £10.20

    * Pharoh Jake Newbury 17:55 matched at 1.7 (3) – 3rd – Won £7

    * Loving Your Work Newbury 21:10 matched at 2.4 (3) – 1st – Won £14

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £47.20 Won ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT – NOW ON DAY 7 : £123.06 Won ***

  • Ben says:


    My Thoughts after the first 7 days of testing this:

    Well, obviously a profit is a profit, and there has been more than £123 made to level stakes, and this has been based over 7 days, and many races. I feel whilst the smaller odds are making slight profits some days, and slight losses other days, the selections with higher odds that sometimes are placed in the first 3 places, and sometimes just fall outside are where the profits are, or will be made on this.

    For example, some of the outsiders with odds around 3/4/5.0 are just finishing outside the top places, where as if they finished 3rd for example, this would make a considerable difference to the day’s profit, and when the ‘larger odds’ selections just finish outside, there is a almost break even.

    So it is very interesting, almost like keeping it level, and having an almost failsafe with the lower odds, but really hoping the larger odds come in which make the real profits, which sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.

    Today, there were 4 wins on the trott, so the wins obviously come regularly, but there are also instances with 4 losses on the trott, BUT, if just one outsider (with higher odds) had won on the day, then a very good profit would generally have been made.

    I think this system really depends on how often these higher-odds horses come in, and place, as to the long term success, although as mentioned Brian has stated that he has never had a losing month, and has profited every month for 11 straight months.

    And based on the first week, a good profit has been made. If I had been betting to £100 stakes, then £1230 would have been won, which although it is early days, cannot be ignored.

    Although, I must admit, when there were 4 losses on the trott, I did have doubts, but then you look at today again, and there were 5 wins without any losses.

    52 bets
    25 Won
    27 Lost

    Early conclusion: I think a longer term testing of this system is definitely needed.

  • Ben says:





    Friday 1st July 2016

    * Threave Sandown 14:20 matched at 4.1 (3) – Unp – – Lost £10

    * Futoon Doncaster 15:35 matched at 1.61 (3) 3rd – Won £6.10

    * George Cinq Doncaster 16:10 matched at 1.79 (3) 1st – Won £7.90

    * Fiftyshadesfreed Sandown 16:30 matched at 3.75 (3) 4th – Lost £10 (close)

    * Dusk Till Dawn Newton Abbot 16:50 matched at 2.12 (3) Unp – Lost £10

    * Spice Fair Sandown 17:05 matched at 4.2 (3) Unp – Lost £10

    * Toni’s A Star Haydock 18:30 matched at 2.24 (2) – 3rd – Lost £10

    * Lean On Pete Beverley 20:15 matched at 1.52 (3) – unpl – Lost £10

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £46 lost ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT – NOW ON DAY 8 : £77.06 Won ***

  • Ben says:





    Saturday 2nd July 2016

    * Willytheconqueror Sandown 14:00 matched at 3.55 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Notarised Haydock 14:50 matched at 5.7 (4) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Imperial Link Leicester 15:15 matched at 2.3 (3) – 1st – Won £13

    * Clear Spring Haydock 16:00 matched at 2.42 (2) – unp – Lost £10

    * Fantasy Justifier Haydock 16:35 matched at 3.3 (4) – Unp – Lost £10

    * Livella Fella Beverley 17:20 matched at 1.45 (3) – Unp – Lost £10

    * David’s Beauty Leicester 17:30 matched at 1.84 (2) – Unp – Lost £10

    *** Profit for the day to £10 stakes: £47 lost ***

    *** OVERALL PROFIT – NOW ON DAY 9 : £30.06 Won ***

  • Ben says:


    I am stopping Brian’s system there.

    I am not impressed by it at all.

    My conclusion:

    Some of the selections, and the process makes absolutely no sense at all, and this is reflected in the losing runs.

    I would be amazed if this works long term, because looking at the criteria some of the selections are based on form for the horse from 6/7 races ago, which as with anybody with any racing knowledge knows, means very little.

    Racing should always take current/recent form into account, and Brian’s system simply does not do that.

    If it wasn’t for a single horse that won £90 early on in the testing on day 2, there would be considerable losses.

    Sorry Brian, but I wish you luck with it, but it is not for me, and at least I didn’t lose money during testing. 🙂


  • Mark says:

    Hi Ben. Great profits over the four days. Have you continued to test this beyond day 4? If so, have the profits been consistent and have you found your strategy to be solid?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mark,

      I test things all the time, and didn’t carry it on, although I may check it again at some stage.

      It was a good start but as we all know that in gambling it is longevity that is important.


  • Mark says:

    Thanks Ben. It would be good to have some examples / selections for the winter season for your’s and Tom’s strategy if possible?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mark,

      I am bit busy at the moment mate, although I have not used it since I did the test, I just wanted to test something live to show that money can be made.

      I might have another look at it after the New Year.


  • Mark says:

    No problem Ben, when / if you have time next year. Do you think that the seasons would or should affect the selection process?

  • Matt says:

    i Ben

    Can I ask what the criteria is for getting the selections, or would you be willing to sell the system.

    You mentioned that it is one you have had for years, if you cant sell it can you say where we can purchase please.

    Many Thanks

  • tony says:

    There’s only one real problem. It’s virtually impossible to get anything like £100 matched, and I’m on Betfair which has the greatest liquidity. On many of the races I can’t even get £50 matched. How are you getting £200 on? There just isn’t the liquidity in the place markets until the race is almost over. It is never anything like the win market.

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Tony, That is not entirely true. I have used the place market myself many times with £100 stakes, and there are ways and means. Yes it takes longer and you may need to adjust a few points here and there to take what liquidity is available, but £100 is certainly possible.

      In fact the following is from my own Betfair account at the same time these results were put up, as I was testing at the same time in the place markets:

      place market results

      As you can see with £100 stakes.

      Best Wishes,


  • Lena says:

    I’d love to get my hands on this if you ever do offer it 🙂

  • Faisal says:

    Hi there I was reading the Ben’s placing system and I am interested to use this system, but I could not find any link so I was wondering if you could help me sending me the link or direction how to start this system if its still available. Thanks and happy new year.

  • joehobson hobson says:


  • Eddie says:

    Hi Ben Does your friends place only betting system still work as well as it did when you tested it.

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