Caan Berry Betfair Trading Guide Review, and Pre Race Video Pack

There are many names that have started appearing in the Betfair niche, and Caan Berry is one of them. I have seen Caan’s name appear quite regularly over the last few months, when previously I had not heard about him, and as with anyone that starts to appear in the subjects that interest you, you start to get curious about what they are about, what what they offer.

Caan Berry advertises himself as a professional Betfair Trader, and claims to make his full time living from trading the exchanges. This is something many people aspire to do, such is the interest in anybody that claims to actually achieve it.

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Who Is Caan Berry?

Caan, on his website, states that he is an ex-army chap who started serious trading on Betfair after leaving the army, and that he has since found a winning formula through years of hard work. Caan mentions that he started experiementing in making money from gambling whilst he was still in the forces.

Caan has appeared in a marketing campaign ran by Betfair themselves in which they looked at professional traders as well as writing several articles for them on the matter of trading. I have also seen him mention being contacted by the BBC in which he conducted an interview on the topic of bookmakers closing down accounts.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it which is a shame as there were some very valid points made on the podcast.

It is difficult to ignore the fact that this is clearly somebody who has done very well off the back of trading on Betfair. One of the things that I do like about Caan’s approach (at least from what I have seen) is that he doesn’t really try to pretend that trading is something that it isn’t.

Yes, there is money to be made, but he is also willing to remind people that it is a difficult job and can be very hard work (something that I know all too well from my own experiences with Betfair).

Review Subject: Caan Berry

What is Offered: PDF books and Betfair Trading videos


What Does Cann Berry Offer?

I have been reading quite a bit over the last few weeks, and I am also on a few Facebook groups where I have seen Caan commenting, and he does come across as a genuine guy, and one that knows what he is talking about.

It is rather interesting taking the time to look at Caan’s website as there is plenty of information up there pertaining to Betfair trading. In fact, there is a whole section of his website dedicated to free information that readily provides you with the theory of the subject.

Unfortunately, this theory side of things is rather sparse and whilst it shows you how to trade out for a profit, it doesn’t show you how to identify when this is coming.

This leads me to the theory that a lot of the Caan Berry’s website serves as a springboard for sale of products. For example, I was highly interested in a case study that was headlined as “the simple strategy behind this £100 profit”, all before the race started. This was highlighted in two different places as being a free download (even going as far as to say that there is no credit card required).

When I clicked the link, and inputted my details, I was emailed a link to a page that once again gives away no real information, I certainly wouldn’t call it a case study.

How Caan Berry does this, is that as he is knowledgable about his topic (Betfair) he will write various reviews about micro-topics, and then give examples, with a video link attached to them.

Caan Berry Betfair Products

The fact is that as somebody who has experience in a number of ways of making money online, it is difficult to ignore the clever way in which Caan Berry’s website is presented. As I have mentioned before now, there is no questioning that this is a guy who knows Betfair very well.

But his website is broken up into small segments, most of which serve as the entry point for a sales funnel.

Caan Berry directly and actively sells two products through his website (although there are a few other small examples that crop up however these aren’t really worth mentioning). These are the Pre-Race Video Pack whilst the other is the Pre-Race Trading Guide which is an ebook.

The Pre-Race Video Pack is the more expensive of the two items and it is sold as being the more advanced option as well. The content itself is broken up into 62 different video clips, an undoubtedly substantial amount. Over the course of the videos, Caan Berry says that he will share his knowledge, first hand via what is happening on the screen.

He also says that he shows you how to take the correct mental approach and to use self control when trading. This, he claims, will ultimately allow you to replicate what he does, namely “profiting and trading at maximum efficiency”.

He actually breaks down the list of topics that the Pre-Race Video Pack listing the following as subjects that are covered.

This all sounds OK however it is worth keeping in mind when you’re deciding whether or not the Pre-Race Video Pack is for you that access to the videos come in at the rather eye watering cost of £147. It is worth noting as well that as it is sold directly through Paypal, there is no money back guarantee offered (as it is an intangible good).

Caan Berry Pre Race Video Pack


The Pre-Race Training Guide does seemingly bear some similarities to the video based training with Caan Berry saying that it will help you to improve your understanding of how markets function as well as the motivation behind numbers. He also covers topics such as how to identify profitable situations, spot difficult situations to trade and how to effectively implement yourself in the market (once again making reference to “maximum efficiency”.

Realistically though, the difference appears to lie in how things are presented. Whilst the Pre-Race Video Pack is much more focussed on individual topics, the Pre-Race Training Guide looks to be much broader in scope and offer a general “how to”. For example, Caan Berry refers to providing users with advice on using tools and indicators that he has on offer as well as showing you how to trade successfully yourself.

Due to the less advanced nature, Pre-Race Training Guide is much less than the Pre-Race Video Pack. That having been said, at a one time cost of £39, I wouldn’t exactly call it a bargain either. There is also no mention of a money back guarantee with the Pre-Race Training Guide either and given the fact it is once again sold through Paypal, there is little in the way of support there.

Caan Berry Pre Race Trading Guide PDF

Cann also offers an ebook for pre race training, which is priced at:

£39.00 (for the pre-race ebook training guide)

Again, it is not what I would call cheap, but at least this time there is a little explanation. Yes, the sales page explains what the product is about, and the detail it goes into (subjects it teaches), but again, there is no money back guarantee.


Caan Berry £100 Betfair Profit Strategy Video

The more I delve into what Caan Berry offers, the more I can see that as well as being a Betfair trader, his is also just as much a publisher, and the way his website is set out highlights this. No problem with this as such, but true nonetheless.

I joined his mailing list after seeing the following, which I thought was going to be the actual explanation on the way something works:


Now the above looks like you are being given the video course for free doesn’t it? But the reality was, it was just for an opt in to his mailing listing, and the content received was further advertising for the paid video.

For example, one of the first reasons I landed on his websites was regarding the £107 profit he made pre race that I read advertised online somewhere, and then I spent a good 20 minutes reading his website content explaining some of it.

Then there (again) was the following image which ‘seemed like’ Caan was giving the video away for free:


Now if you read the above from Caan’s website, and the bit that says “Click the link above and watch the screen recording”, you don’t suddently expect to land on a payment page…do you?

But that is what happens, instead of the video being presented, as stated, the page sends you to the following page, and then to PayPal payment link:


The cost of the video is only £4.73, but I cannot help feeling that the way Caan has gone about it is a teeny bit deceptive, and this was one of the other reasons why I didn’t follow through and purchase any of his products for a complete, and thorough review (although one of our researchers will be doing this shortly and adding to the course his actual thoughts on the products).

Caan Berry and Geeks Toy Software

Geeks Toy is a piece of software that is designed for trading on Betfair. It connects to Betfair’s API and in doing so allows users to place trades without going through Betfair. It is very similar to Bet Angel (which is one of largest such pieces of software and my personal preference).

This means not having to log in every time as well as allowing you to place trades much faster than through the website (essential in trading). For those who are interested in Geeks Toy, I may look to post a full review of the software at a future date.

The reason that I am talking about Geeks Toy is because Caan Berry seems to have some sort of connection with the company. Almost all of his videos are him using it and he takes every opportunity to mention that it is his chosen platform.

This isn’t the only connection however as Geeks Toy push Caan Berry with various mentions of Caan, his software and even his tweets are almost instantly retweeted.

It may simply be that Geeks Toy and Caan Berry have developed their relationship as a result of his love of the product. It is also possible that there is something more at work here. I wouldn’t like to speculate one way or another if I am entirely honest, however I do feel that this link is something that is worth exploring.

Greenup TV

As with Geeks Toy, there isn’t a lot of information available on the link between Caan Berry and Greenup TV, however there is a link there. Greenup TV have nearly 100 videos of Caan’s uploaded onto their site for you to watch. Caan Berry has also mentioned Greenup TV numerous times in social media.

Once again, I wouldn’t like to speculate on the nature of the connection, but it is hard to ignore that there is one there.

Conclusion on Caan Berry

I would be a foolish man indeed to dismiss the fact that Caan Berry is very successful in what he does. This is a man who has clearly positioned himself to enjoy a comfortable life, doing something he loves and good on him for that. There are however a few questions that still linger for me, especially in terms of where the bulk of his income comes from. The fact is that there are too many marketers out there claiming to be full time bettors, but actually survive based on their products.

To some people there may not be a difference between a publisher who bets and a bettor who publishes, but they are a world apart. A genuine full time bettor who is willing to openly converse about their methods is somebody who is providing methods and advice based on their day to day trading.

To credit Caan Berry, I don’t think he falls into the latter category however it would have been nice to have this explained more.

The other real problems that I have are with his free content (which isn’t always free as I have looked at before, and mentioned above), namely on the grounds that it is of inconsistent quality.

Everybody has to make a living and you don’t want to give anything away, however I am of the opinion that any free content should still enhance the viewer/readers understanding of the subject rather than simply highlighting how well you can do as a professional.

There is also the cost of his training. Whilst I wouldn’t say that either is prohibitive, it is definitely leaning towards the top end of the scale.

All things considered, Caan Berry is somebody who is worth watching, as occasionally he does put out something for free that is really worthwhile. The paid stuff I am a lot less sure about if I’m honest. For my money, the fact is that if you are able to find the kind of trader who has genuinely made money through Betfair, you should pay them some attention.

As an update to this review, one of our readers (who has recently also become one of our reviewers) has kindly offered to submit his opinion of the products offered by Caan Berry, as he has the products,  and the findings will be published in due course, and this review will then be updated accordingly.


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