The secret ingredient you must have to make more money

I was thinking about what to write today when I got an email from  shall we say, a not-so-happy customer that went along the lines of; “I bought your Pre-Owned Profits home study course nearly a month ago and so far I haven’t made a penny. I was sceptical when I bought it but I thought I would give you a chance… I have bought course after course and none of them have ever worked the way they say in the sales pitch – and neither did...

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About Ben

Hello and thanks for clicking through to this blog post. My name is Ben. Anyway… …I thought it would be good to formally introduce myself and let you know a little bit about myself and why I created the Money Makers Reviewed website. Not because I’m a self obsessed ponce who like to talk about himself. But because like I said in the email that brought you to this page, the internet is a very faceless place. It’s incredibly hard to trust people online,...

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